The Best Wood Apple Watch Band

Own an Apple watch? Tired of the having the same wrist band as everybody else? A wood band might be the perfect replacement for you. Wood watches are quickly becoming an affordable fashion trend for both men and women. The average wooden watch is priced around $50 and there are tons of brands to choose from. Naturally, Apple watch owners want to join the wood watch hype and there are tons of different wood bands to choose from. We have put together this list of the best wood apple watch bands to help make your decision a little easier.

MindCone 4mm Zebra Wood Apple Watch Band Replacement Review

MindCone 4mm Zebra Wood Apple Watch Band Review

The MindCore 4mm Zebra Wood Apple Watch Band is meticulously handcrafted, made from 100% all natural high-quality Zebrawood. If you are passionate about Apple products, there is a chance that this beautiful, work of art will get you hooked.

MindCone 4mm Zebra Wood Apple Watch Band Review 2The band is ultra-lightweight, easy to adjust, and you can conveniently swap it out for any occasion. It works with the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 and comes with basic resizing tools to adjust the length to fit your wrist snugly. If you have been thinking of a band to gift your friend, this band comes with a well-made stylish box that can easily be wrapped up and gifted.

The beauty of this band is that it’s a great fit for both men and women. The manufacturer has deliberately made the band large so that you only need to remove one or two links to get a snug fit on your wrist. If you are a woman, it can easily go with any of the wooden earrings you wear. And if you are a man, it has a bold look that separates your watch from other smart watches.

The MindCone Zebra Wood Band is classy and gives your apple watch an upgraded, new look. This band is only made for the Apple Watch and not compatible with other regular watches. Read More Reviews

  • Made from high-quality zebrawood
  • Light weight
  • Works with apple watches series 1 & 2
  • Comes with well-crafted box

  •  No color variation

KoolBands Unique Luxury Handmade Wooden Watch Band Review

koolbands wooden apple watch band



The Kool Bands Luxury Wooden Band is a stylish band with a two tone look that comes off as very masculine. It requires minimal installation and can be used in both hot and wet weather. Unlike other Smart Watch Bands, you can actually put this on while swimming or in the shower.

This band is made from Sandalwood and sports a stainless steel clasp that gives you a snug secure fit. It is lightweight and is barely noticeable throughout the day. The band comes with two quick release pins, two additional links, and a tool to remove the pins. Whether you have a large or small hand, you can adjust this band to make it fit.

koolbands apple watch wood band reviewBecause this band only costs around $25 dollars, you should expect to see some drawbacks. With that said, you should be aware that it isn’t of the highest quality in the market and it may feel a little cheaply made. However, the low price and the ease of adjusting it for a good fit more than makes up for that.

The wood is smooth and level so that it doesn’t scratch your skin. But some customers also complained that the band breaks after a period of usage. This is to be completely expected because it is made from wood. Unlike stainless steel models, you shouldn’t expect it to last forever but long enough to make you enjoy your money spent.

While researching more on this band, we saw that some customers wanted to know if this will suit their Fitbit Watch. Unfortunately, it cannot because the ends of the Band are specifically made for the Apple Watch.This is a great band to use for special occasions but it is not ideal for every day use  Read More Reviews

  • Low price 
  • Waterproof 
  • Smooth Finish

  • Not the best quality

Woodwork Handcrafted Wooden Band for Apple Watch Review

Woodwork Handcrafted Wooden Band for Apple Watch review

The Woodwork Handcrafted Wooden Band is available for your Apple Watch in two distinct sizes: large and small. If you are using the 42 mm Apple Watch face size, you will need the large sized band to go with it. The smaller sized band is narrower and is more suitable for the 38 mm Apple Watch face size.

Woodwork Wooden Band for Apple Watch reviewSo this will not only benefit those who have the 42 mm Apple Watch but also those with the 38 mm as well. This is a big advantage over other wood band models because most of them only fit the 42mm model. It is also available in different color varieties so that you can choose from Zebrawood, Black Sandalwood, Black Zebrawood, and Bamboo Sandalwood.

The Woodwork Wooden Watch sports a butterfly clasp made exclusively from sturdy stainless steel, which takes out the stress when you need to put on or take off the Watch. You can easily swap the pins or change link sizes with the use of the handy tool that accompanies the band.

It is not so easy to come across a band that is stylish on both male and female wrists but, Woodwork has managed to take on that challenge successfully. The band is made from non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials that leave your skin free from chemical contacts. The hardwood also resists wear and tear and absorbs harmful carbon emissions, which is healthier than wearing a stainless steel watch band. Read More Reviews

  • 4 different color wood available.
  •  Made from non-toxic hypo-allergenic materials
  • Fits large and small apple watch face sizes 
  • Resists wear well

High priced

DISDIM Apple Watch Wood Band Review

DISDIM Apple Watch Wood Band review

The DISDIM Apple Watch Wood Band is available in black and brown, and is manufactured from 100% real ebony wood, with no paint or chemical. This band comes with a touch of unique, elegant wood grain and only designed for the Apple Watch 42 mm face size.

DISDIM Apple Watch Wood Band review blackAlthough this may seem like a limitation, when you consider the fact that it is made for both male and female, you will see that it is indeed available for a wide spectrum of users. All you need to do is to use the tool that comes with it to adjust it to the desired size and fit. The DISDIM Apple Watch Band is backed by a 12-month warranty, which we have not come across from the other models I’ve checked.

While within the warranty period, you have the opportunity to test, use, and observe the band for any factory defect. This band comes nicely packaged in a neat box, making it great for gifting out to your loved ones.

This band is not waterproof so you should be careful not to let it into water or get wet. A common complaint among users is that it falls apart very quickly which shows that the performance to price ratio of this band is quite low. Moreover, this is more about personal management than the quality of the band since it is not every user that experiences this. Also, the price is so low that you may still want to try your luck with this one. Read More Reviews

  • Made from real ebony.
  • Includes 12-month quality warranty
  • Comes in a nicely designed box for gifting

  • Small quality concerns

DESOCO Apple Watch Band Ebony Wood Review

DESOCO Apple Watch Band Ebony Wood Review

Last we have the Desoco Apple Watch Band. It is a comfortable, and stylish band that is also environmentally friendly.

Because it is entirely crafted from natural ebony wood, it is very comfortable to wear and even suitable for those who have allergies and sensitive skins. In addition, it is made from good quality wood and coating that supposed to improves it’s lifespan. Unfortunately, according to a few online reviews the Desoco watch has a questionable level of quality. Considering the price of this band you may be able to look past these quality concerns.

DESOCO Apple Watch Band Ebony Wood Review 2

Moreover, the manufacturer has done a good job of polishing it to a smooth finish so that it doesn't scratch you or obstruct your daily activities. To give it a complete and attractive look, the color of the band is carefully selected. Since the color will eventually influence the appearance of your Apple Watch.

The simple design of the Desoco band allows for it to go with either formal or casual style. Read More Reviews


  • Simple Design. 
  • Doesn't affect sensitive skin

  • Low quality


After carefully reviewing these watch bands it seemed quite clear that our favorite band was by the handcrafted Woodwork brand. The Woodwork is the only wooden watch band that fits both 38mm and 42mm watch face size. It also offers the most versatility in style with 4 different colors. Click here to learn more about the Woodwork watch band. For those that are looking for more of a traditional wood watch, there are a ton options available on the market at a reasonable price.

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