Top 5 Wood Macbook Pro Cases

The MacBook Pro is a classic and expensive Apple’s machine, which you cannot afford to have it scratched. The environments we use the laptops in often subject them to many different types of scratches. In other instances, the laptop itself can be slippery and fall. The Wooden MacBook Pro cases can be of great benefit to help secure your laptop from damage.

Not only do these cases protect but they also provide an elegant and sophisticated look that cant be found with other macbook covers. The use of wood texture in today’s laptop cases has grown dramatically over the past few years with lots of manufacturers coming to the forefront.

There is now a variety of wood cases for laptops. This can cause confusion to the buyers to know which one is best suited for them because many manufacturers tout their products as the best available. There are a variety of different textures, including dark wood, pine wood, etc. To narrow down your search, we have collected the best wood cases on the market and reviewed each. For each product we have highlighted the pros and cons.

Important: The wood texture cases are designed for specific models. That being said, you should check the model of your laptop underneath the laptop before making any purchase.


iCasso Macbook Pro 13 Retina Wood Case

icasso macbook pro wood case

Specific Features: rubber coated plastic hard shell, keyboard cover, and brown wood

Best Use: for MacBook Pro 13 Retina, model A1425/A1502

Review: iCasso Macbook Pro 13 Retina Case, as in the name, it’s a laptop case designed for MacBook Pro 13 with model number A1425/A1502. This snap-on-case features the foot pad replacement to perfectly fit your precious laptop making your laptop will look stylish and sophisticated.

icasso macbook pro wood case 2We admire the beauty of wood texture as being more elegant. With this design, you can make a bold statement. Its dark brown wood texture resembles that of a classic wooden desk. As an added bonus this cover includes a matching keyboard cover that lays over each individual key. This is a very popular wooden MacBook cover with hundreds of positive reviews.

Please note that the case is thin and it is meant for protection against scratches, not when the laptop falls. The product was designed by iCasso. This, however, does not mean that Apple has endorsed the product.

  • Fully vented wood case for heat disbursement
  • Stylistic design
  • Protects against scratches
  • Includes Keyboard Cover

  • Not compatible with all MacBook models
  • Not protective against the damages should the laptop fall
  • Not to be exposed to damp environment as the wood quality might be compromised

Belk-Wooden Macbook Pro 13″ Case

Specific Features: 2-in-1 wood texture, pattern coated plastic hard case, keyboard cover, PU leather

Best Use: For MacBook Pro 13.3

Review: BELK-MacBook Pro 13″ Case is Belk’s latest design of laptop cases enclosed in a wood texture hard case. With this case, you are assured the beauty of natural wood texture. It will customize your laptop and make it stand above the rest of the same model. However, take note of the model number. It is designed for  MacBook Pro 13 model A1278.  

MacBook Pro 13 can be slippery if not putting a case to improve its grip. This wood case has the high-quality polyurethane leather designed to prevent the laptop from scratches, fingerprints or any fall if it slips through your hands.  Like many of the other cases on this list, your laptop’s heat is evenly distributed by the bottom half of the case

Installing the case on your laptop is simple and the ports are accessible as always. The main role of the case is to protect your laptop from scratches and provide a unique design. Belk offers 3 different wood styles for you to choose from depending on your style preference.

  • Protect the laptop against scratches
  • Double protection with high-quality PU leather
  • Stylistic design to give the laptop an elegant appearance
  • Access buttons and ports easily
  • 3 Wood styles

  • Not thick enough to protect the laptop should it fall
  • Not compatible with all the models


TJFEC PU Leather Coated Wood Texture Macbook Cover

TJFEC Wood Macbook Cover

Specific Features: dark wood, full access to buttons and ports, Apple logo visible after switching on the laptop, PU leather

Best Use: For MacBook Pro 13-inch with CD drive

Review: The TJFEC PU Leather Coated Soft Touch Hard Case is an ideal wood case to preserve the quality of your expensive MacBook. The dark wood and natural wood textures are elegantly designed to give your MacBook a clean look without blocking the illuminated Apple logo.

The bottom half of this case is a bit of a concern though. Many owners of this case have claimed that the top half fits perfectly but that bottom half doesn’t seem to snap on a smoothly. Issues like this are somewhat expected when purchasing a cover under $15.

The leather layer over the wood texture makes your laptop easy to grip, prevents annoying fingerprints and lowers the odds of you dropping your laptop. If you are on a strict budget this is the ideal case for you. Read More Reviews

  • Full access buttons and ports
  • Made of dark wood PU leather
  • Protects against scratches
  • Affordable wood case

  • Not compatible with all the MacBook models. That being said, carefully check the model of the laptop before making the purchase
  • Not thick enough to can protect against serious damage to the MacBook Pro 13-inch

Mosiso Wood Grain Texture Macbook Pro Cover

mosiso wood macbook pro cover

Specific Features: Light brown wood case, fully vented, access to buttons and features, snap-on design

Best Use: For the latest versions of MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch with or without the touch bar. The model of these laptops should be A1502/A1425

Review: The Mosio Wood Grain Texture laptop covers is one of our favorites. It comes in two unique colors, brown and light brown. The Mosiso is also one of the only wooden MacBook covers the comes with a matching bottom half. The matching bottom half gives your MacBook a complete look. This cover does not have an apple-symbol cutout but it’s a fair compromise when you consider the high quality of this product.

mosiso wood macbook pro cover 2Mosiso gives you a year’s warranty on the case and a lifetime Warranty on the rubber feet. The case was engineered to perfection with its premium quality of PU leather ultra-slim case. Scratches are a yesterday concern.

Please note that it does not fit the MacBook Air 13-inch and the old MacBook Pro 13-inch with CD-ROM and the MacBook White 13-inch. Always check the model of your current laptop before proceeding with transactions.

Access to the buttons, charging ports and other features are not compromised at all. Furthermore, the laptop will still disburse the heat through the advanced ventilation. Read More Reviews

  • Premium quality wood case with a soft-touch finish
  • Wood bottom
  • Protects against scrapes and scratches
  • Affordable wood case

  • Not compatible with the old MacBook Pro 13-in with CD-Rom

KEC Macbook Pro Retina 13 Wooden Cover

KEC Wooden Macbook Pro Cover

Specific Features: Plastic hard shell cover, pine wood texture, cut out design, shines through the case, smooth rubberized exterior, rubberized feet, slim and lightweight  

Best use: For MacBook Pro Retina 13.3 inch with model number A1502/A1425

Review: The last wooden MacBook cover on our list another winner. The KEC MacBook cover comes in 2 different colors of high-quality pinewood texture. It does not have a matching pinewood bottom but the quality of the top cover is quite impressive. Hundreds of owners of this case have left reviews on this product with very minimal complaints.

KEC Wooden Macbook Pro Cover 2The manufacturers of this case painted a layer of rubber oil paint on the cover to prevent fingerprints scratching, scratches and slipping. The oil paint does not take away from the visual appeal of this cover.

The cover is lightweight, so it won’t feel bulky on the laptop. Heat dissipation and disbursement is still made possible because of adequate vents. You do not need a professional to install the laptop case for you. Installation is simple and can be done in seconds. Read More Reviews

  • Rubberized exterior
  • Minimal Complaints
  • Fully vented wood case for maximum heat dissipation and disbursement
  • Lightweight and slim

  • Higher price when compared to other on the list.
  • Not compatible with all MacBook models


KEC Macbook Pro Retina 13 Wooden Cover

After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that the KEC MacBook Pro case is our winner.  Its excellent quality, unique colors, nonslip grip and minimal negative reviews gave it the edge over the other four covers on the list. When deciding which cover best suits you, keep in mind the model and size of your MacBook so that you do not end up with a cover that doesn’t fit.

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