Top 5 Must Have Wood Wedding Rings

Wooden wedding rings deliver exquisite designs to couples that want to deviate from traditional rings. For example, If you are allergic to metals, wooden engagement rings are also an excellent option. For the couples that are eco-friendly, wooden wedding rings provide an unmatched connection with the beauty of nature.

A plethora of designs gives birth to a myriad of wooden rings on the market. This could be confusing to a beginner to select the best ring when given a broad range of sellers touting their wooden wedding bands as the best. We have handpicked the best rings that we are certain you will love because of their unbeatable designs as well as their affordability.

We have the best 5 wooden wedding rings reviewed below. Because we know that it can still be confusing to choose between 5 products, we have given our verdict at the end to help narrow your choices. For each product, we have given a glimpse about the pros and the cons as well. Take your time reading through the specific features so as to make an educated choice. We will also strive to emphasize the features of each product.

 Palmetto Tungsten Carbide Ring

palamaletto wooden tungsten ring

Specific Features: beveled edges, real Zebra wood inlay, size 8mm, free laser engraving, durable materials

Description: PALMALETTO Tungsten Carbide Ring is a unique wooden wedding ring that you can surprise your partner with. It was specifically crafted using one of a kind African Zebra wood inlay to give it a unique and an exotic vertical stripped appearance on your finger. A touch of a tungsten carbide adds to its durability and make it last long without being broken by any force.

A nickel alloy has been used for decorative purposes to give the ring a shiny appeal. One other feature that is worth embracing is the beveled edges to provide a comfort-fit. If you prefer the matched sets, they can be provided. 

palamaletto wooden tungsten ring 2This ring has an appealing design that will reflect a strong love and commitment for couples. Have a look at its image by clicking the link above. Its beveled edges and the wood grain design as well as just exquisite for any couple looking for perfection when coming to wedding symbols. Its price tag is reflective of the quality vested in its design.

The ring is available in 6mm and 8mm sizes. The company offers a lifetime sizing because the wooden rings are not adjustable so it is better to have a supplier that accommodates for that. There are no additional fees for the sizing of the rings. Read More Reviews

  • Beautiful design made of an African Zebra wood and nickel alloy
  • Lifetime sizing service
  • Made of tungsten carbide to add to its durability
  • Comfort-fit beveled edges

  • Relatively expensive when compared to other rings on this list.

Unisex 8mm Wood Grain Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band Engagement Ring

bluechip wood grain tungsten ring review

Specific Features: US Sizes from 4 to 16, comfort-fit cobalt 8mm band with wood grain inlay, bevel edges, polish finish, sleek tungsten carbide ring

Description: Unisex 8mm Wood Grain Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band Engagement Ring comes with a sleek tungsten to give it a solid build and exotic appearance. It is a comfort-fit 8mm band with wood grain inlay that is uniquely designed to stand out.

To make it shine, a polish finish has been applied. But the finish needs proper care, otherwise it might need to be re-applied regularly. The ring has a flat shape with bevel edges for a smooth touch.

If you are more concerned about durability when coming to wooden wedding rings, this ring gives assurance with the tungsten carbide. Tungsten is one of the toughest metals, and it is relatively stronger than an 18K Gold and white gold. It is even harder than titanium. So this ring will last longer without needing another purchase unless for size purposes.

A couple that is looking for an eco-friendly and an aesthetically designed wooden wedding engagement ring, this ring could be the best fit. It is a very affordable wedding ring if you want to save for your honeymoon. Apart from that, it has a unique design to please your partner. Read More Reviews

  • Made of the harder tungsten carbide
  • Applied a polish finish to retain the soft feel for a long time
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • Comes with a soft velvet pouch for storage

  • Not re-sizeable

Woodie Tungsten Ring Inlaid with 100% Natural Koa Wood and Solid Turquoise

woodie specs tungsten koa wood ring review 1

Specific Features: 8mm wide, 100% natural Koa wood, 100% real solid turquoise, polish finish, 1 year limited warranty, 30day money back guarantee

Description: This is yet another wooden wedding/engagement ring made of the harder tungsten carbide inlaid with the 100% natural Koa wood and real turquoise. If you are looking for an unbeatable wooden design with a durable polish finish, then this wooden ring could be what you’ve been looking for. It is 8mm, so wide enough to fit many couples.

Woodie Tungsten Ring was made to last in contrast to a popular belief that wooden rings are prone to the damages. Well, if cared well, this will prove you wrong because it was crafted with high-quality materials. Since this ring is inlaid with natural materials, no two pieces will be the same.

woodie specs tungsten koa wood ring review 2If the ring does not fit well or came with defects, the company will be glad to repair it for you. It carries a 1-year warranty for any defects. And if the ring is not exciting as advertised, you can request a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately, the manufacturer (Woodie Specs) does not offer custom engravings so you will need to find a local shop to handle that for you.  

Although we say the ring is durable, you need to be vigilant of where you wear it. For instance, if you are going to be exposed or submerged in water for a prolonged time, take it off. When cleaning it, use a damp cloth and do not use any detergent or chemical. Read More Reviews

  • 100% natural Koa wood and 100% turquoise
  • Made of the harder tungsten material
  • Affordable wooden wedding ring

  • 1 year warranty may not be sufficient when taking into account the fact that wooden rings are not resizable.
  • The turquoise can wear if you are working with machines frequently
  • Does not offer customer engravings

Deer Antler and Koa Wood Ring Titanium Mens Wedding Band Comfort Fit

pch deer antler koa wood rings titanium ring review

Specific Features: titanium material, comes with ring box, Hawaiian Koa wood inlay, natural deer antler, comfort fit from size 8 to 13

Description: PCH Deer Antler and Koa Wood Ring, unlike the preceding wooden wedding rings, it is made with titanium. Titanium is relatively hard, but not harder than tungsten. But, titanium is harder than the precious metals such as gold and platinum, so you are guaranteed a durable wooden wedding ring. It is lightweight to negate the feeling of bulkiness on your finger.   

pch deer antler koa wood rings titanium ring review 2The size range of 8 to 13 make it convenient for many couples to fit in this wedding ring. Remember that the wooden rings are seldom resizable, so this price range helps one to buy a perfect size each time the current size is outgrown.

This wooden engagement ring embraces unique designs with its natural inlays of Hawaiian Koa wood and the deer antler. This wood is long-lasting and it has a durable finish as well.

It’s time to change from the popular traditional gold and silver wedding rings to the more affordable ones. With $100 you can own this wooden ring to symbolize your wedding with the beauty of nature. Word of advice, do not submerge your hands in water when wearing this wooden ring because you might compromise its durability. Read More Reviews

  • Made of the harder and lightweight titanium
  • Size range of 8 to 13
  • Inlaid with Hawaiian wood and deer antler
  • Affordable wooden ring

  • Durability can be compromised with water because it is not waterproof

Northern Royal Koa Wood Tungsten Ring With Abalone Center

Northern Royal Koa wood tungsten ring review

Specific features: 6mm genuine wooden ring, abalone center, real Koa wood inlay, high-quality tungsten carbide, comfort fit

Description: Northern Royal Koa Wood Tungsten Ring With Abalone Center is characterized by high-quality tungsten carbide, which reflects top-notch durability. It is inlaid with the natural Hawaiian Koa wood. Please take note of the 6mm width when ordering this wooden ring. Check your finger size with your local jewelry shop before ordering to ascertain that you are ordering the right size.

The other feature is the abalone to ensure waterproof properties as well as durability. However, the waterproof features will not be effective for a prolonged exposure to water. This is the only ring on the list that we would consider to be “waterproof”

Looking at its design, you will notice that the shiny appeal combined with the unique design of the Hawaiian Koa wood is just overwhelming. If you are buying it as a surprise gift then rest assured that the recipient will be overwhelmed by Northern Royal’s unique design. It is an affordable wooden wedding ring that is sure to last forever. Read More Northern Royal Rings Reviews

  • Genuine high-quality tungsten
  • Waterproof and durable abalone
  • Inlaid with Hawaiian Koa wood
  • Affordable

  • Lacks color


Northern Royal Koa Wood Tungsten Ring With Abalone Center

We have come to an end of our amazing collection. These wooden wedding/engagement rings are all impressive, and choosing one may be quite daunting. However, we have to conclude that the last item, the Northern Royal Koa Wood Tungsten Ring With Abalone Center is our favorite choice. It is such an inexpensive ring, yet a feature-rich ring made with high quality tungsten. The downside of it could be the 6mm width for those with bigger fingers, especially men.  For those that prefer a little more color in their ring we recommend the Woodie Tungsten Ring Inlaid with 100% Natural Koa Wood and Solid Turquoise.

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