The Best Wooden Alarm Clocks

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With the trends of modern technology, we now come across an abundance of wooden alarm clocks that are both functional and aesthetic to match with our modern furniture or offices. No more relying on unattractive alarms or mobile devices in waking us to never miss the important commitments for the day. Our tight schedules and busy days at work and school end up exhausting us, so one needs a multi functional alarm to ensure that we wake up.

Today’s wooden alarm clock not only allow us to set the alarm and forget about them but also allow us to perform a plethora of functions such as hands-free calls or playing music via Bluetooth connections or even charge our smartphones on the discrete USB ports provided. They also have temperature sensors to update us about the ambient temperature using either Celsius or Fahrenheit units.

There is a broad range of wooden alarm clocks on the market with unique features. This can be overwhelming for any consumer to immediately spot which is best for your needs. For this reason, we have made an impressive collection of the best alarm clocks to narrow your search. At the end of the review we have discussed our verdict concerning the best among them all that we think it’s an outright winner due to unbeatable features. Keep reading to find the best aesthetic and functional wooden alarm clock.

Dual power Multi-function Wooden LED Alarm Clock

dual power multi action wooden alarm clockOne of the concerns is putting any gadget that will not match with our bedroom or dining furniture as it will ruin our well-planned decor. This wooden LED alarm clock negates the concerns with its aesthetic and compact design. It could be a great addition to your living room, bedroom or hotel room with its fashion sense.

To power this gadget, you may use either the USB or the compatible batteries. Provided you use the powerful batteries, the alarm clock can last long before it needs a recharge. The brightness is halved during specific times, 6pm in the to 7 in the morning, to conserve more energy.

The display makes it easy to view many important parameters such as the time, temperature, year, month and the day. There is also a conversion option from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. There is no audible ticking sound that can wake you up in the middle night while you are enjoying your sleep. You will be able to turn on the sound control mode, and when you want to see the time at night you can just wake the gadget with a clap of your hands.

Setting an alarm is an absolute breeze with the five groups of alarms wherein a single alarm can be turned off or on. There are four keys that relate to EXIT, SETUP, UP AND DOWN controls. Pressing any key can stop the alarm while in alarm mode. If the external power is off or the batteries have been depleted, the clock can still function because of the integrated power supply although it will not be displayed and the alarm will not ring.

Another great feature of this watch is that it keeps time really well. Some users have noted that it is very accurate and only gains a few seconds over a month, which is not to be expected from a watch at this price point. Watch enthusiasts will appreciate the accuracy and longevity of this watch

Like other wooden watches, you cannot dip the GBlife W109A in water or get it wet. Doing this might cause serious damage the watch or lead to a shortage of its lifespan. Also, some users have complained about having difficulties adjusting the band to fit their wrist perfectly. At this price point, most people are happy anyway as the price-to-performance ratio for this watch is very high. Read More

  • Multifunctional wooden alarm clock with many displays of time, temperature and other notifications
  • Can set 5 groups of alarm clock
  • Can be powered using USB cable or the 4 AAAA batteriesThe display brightness is reduced automatically during certain time slots to converse energy
  • The display brightness is reduced automatically during certain time slots to converse energy
  • Comes in 2 colors

  • The batteries are not included

Warmhoming Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Here’s another multi-functional wooden digital alarm clock that could be a great add-on to your living room or bedroom. The gadget is capable of displaying the time and the temperature, so it’s beyond the functionality of being a mere alarm clock.

In most cases, gadgets of this caliber can drain the batteries whereby you will end up recharging many times, but this wooden alarm clock can save energy significantly. You can set the display to sleep mode and can wake it up by touching any key thereafter. There is no need for an ambient light in order to view time because the gentle light of this wooden alarm clock will make it easy to view time in the darkness.

This alarm clock can be powered by the DC 5v/500ma or the 3 AAA batteries. But the batteries can last up to 3 days. The USB cable can come to your rescue to recharge the batteries. It has 3 groups of alarm settings with temperature display and voice control function. To suit your preferences, you can configure this alarm clock accordingly. For instance, you may choose between 12 and 24 hour format.

  • Multifunctional display of time and temperature and other notifications
  • Stylish and compact design to match a range of furniture designs
  • Voice control function
  • Dual power supply through the 3 AAA alkaline batteries and the USB cable

  • The batteries are not included, so have to be purchased separately
  • The charge can last up to 3 days, so it may be hard to rely on this wooden clock if you are spending days in the wilderness far from electricity supply

Raynic 8-in-1 Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio (Digital) Raynic 8-in-1 wooden alarm clock

This wooden (colored) clock is beyond the definition of the alarm clock device due to a plethora of features embodied in it. It offers a complete multifunctional sleep support with 8 unique features that include the charging station, alarm settings, Bluetooth stereo speaker, and more. Instead of using the power bank or the additional adapter to charge your mobile devices, you can rely on this wooden clock radio as a power supplier.

It comes with 2 USB ports whereon you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. The other embedded features include the brightness control so you can save energy or cut disturbances at night, multicolor night light and a reliable Bluetooth connectivity that can make it easy to talk hands-free.

Worried about who sets the alarm first when waking up at different times? This wooden alarm clock prevents the altercations by offering a dual alarm setting for multiple people. Two individual wake times can be set. While setting the alarm you can enjoy 20 preset radio stations with the integrated AM/FM radio. The 3.5 mm auxiliary input makes it easy to play the music on this gadget and the integrated microphone enables hands-free calls and an HD sound quality. The company offers a warranty to buyers including the money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the device. Learn More

Integrated FM/AM radio to play preset 20 stations Multifunctional sleep support Dual alarms for multiple people Powerful Bluetooth connectivity Charging multiple devices simultaneously
The batteries are not included
Wood Colored
Multiple functions are good but can drain the battery quickly. So you need powerful batteries and extra ones especially if you are going to make use of the charge station to charge your devices.

Tuop Multi-Function Qi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Wood Speaker & Alarm Clock

This wooden alarm clock is also a multifunctional device you wouldn’t think it was exclusively designed to function as an alarm. Having it at your bedside will unfold a range of features and functions. It comes with the built-in wireless charger through which you can charge a wide range of devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Nexus. The drawback can be the exclusion of iPhone models and other brand models such as Blackberry Z30, which will need an additional wireless charging receiver.

Back to the basics of setting the alarm, this electronic gadget has the built-in digital alarm that will ensure that you go to work or school early. The LED time display also makes it easy to view time in the night while the integrated thermometer gives you the temperature readings to take precautionary measures of your health in line with the environment.

The Bluetooth connectivity affords you a range of functions such as a hands-free call as well as playing music on this device. It comes with the bright treble and the deep bass to enjoy music to another level and forget that you merely bought an alarm clock initially.

To power this wooden digital alarm clock, there is double USB charging interface. Music can be played via the 3.5 mm stereo audio interface Aux. This double USB port will also make it easy to charge two smartphones simultaneously. Learn More

  • Can charge multiple devices with the exception of a few such as iPhone models
  • Multifunctional wooden alarm with LED time display, thermometer, and built-in microphone
  • Aesthetic design to match a perfect home or hotel or office décor

  • Excludes other devices when charging

GEARONIC TM Wooden Alarm Clock, LED Square Cube

This US-made wooden alarm clock brings a myriad of features beyond the functionality of waking you up. On its display, you can read the time, temperature and set the alarm with the aid of the LED light. With the dimensions of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, it is one of the compact alarm clocks on the market.

Its aesthetic and modern design can match most of the home decorations so putting this device in office, living room, or hotel room will not distract your perceived elegant decor. The LED light will glow through the wooden finish to add a touch of beauty, especially in the darkness to your furniture. There are no visible buttons or parts on either side of this electronic wooden alarm clock.

To power, this alarm clock is easy via the USB and the 3 AA batteries. Unfortunately, these batteries are not included, so you have to purchase them separately. In your package, there is a 1.5 m USB cable and the 5V wall charger for a power supply. Learn More

  • Multifunctional wooden alarm clock
  • Powered by the USB and the 3 AA batteries
  • Compact and lightweight device to carry

  • No Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls
  • Batteries sold separately


Raynic- 8-in-1 Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio (Digital)

It seems apparent from the reviews above that these wooden alarm clocks are all impressive with a range of features. Their designs are aesthetically impressive so they can be the great additions to any décor. The plethora of features also indicates that the competition is fierce between these devices.

While they seem to wow any customer, we have come to a verdict after a careful analysis of the wide range of the features. Who else can say no to the AM/FM radio offered by the Raynic- 8-in-1 Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio (Digital)? Surely no one! This digital wooden alarm caught our attention with its features such as an advanced Bluetooth connectivity. So we would recommend it amongst others. Nonetheless, the other gadgets are still great add-ons as well.

After reading this review, we are confident that you will be able to choose carefully. Have a look at the features carefully.

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