Top 5 Best Wooden Dollhouses

Developing kids’ motor and analytical skills at an early age is an unavoidable responsibility of every parent. Parents that fail to take part in nurturing these skills often impose lots of responsibilities to preschool teachers. With the best wooden dollhouse, your child can improve on these skills while still having fun.

Wooden dollhouses can play a significant role in keeping your babies busy the whole day. The dollhouses come in a variety of sizes and number of pieces for the kid to assemble. Some more benefits include the shape and color recognition as well as hand-eye alignment. Most of these houses are suitable for kids from 3 to 5 years and have no choking hazards.

Thinking of getting a wooden dollhouse for your child? Read along to find the best collection of dollhouses to ignite the real-life experience and imagination in your young ones. There are many products online, so choosing the best one could be challenging to any parent. This review aims to narrow down your search by highlighting the important aspects of the best wooden dollhouses on the market.  Each product has its pros and cons, as well as specific features. We strived to emphasize all these important considerations.

Hape All Seasons Kid’s Wooden Doll House

hape wooden doll house reviewSpecific features: furnished with accessories, four unique rooms, non-toxic pieces, assembly instructions

Best use: For kids from 3 to 8 years old

Description: If you are looking for a perfect educational toy for your kid aged 3 to 8 years, the Hape – All Season Doll House may be the best tool. It is such a colorful doll house with a timeless design suitable for all the seasons. The doll house is made of quality and classic woods. It features 3 different levels and numerous rooms for the kid to switch the playfields.

There are moving parts to help the kid in moving them around. Meanwhile, it will be improving the motor skills of the child. The parts give the baby an imaginative interaction of the future goals. You have the option of buying the furnished or unfurnished doll house. So customization is in your hands to make your kid unique.

The individual rooms can also be purchased to create a custom house. These include the living room, baby’s room, dining room, bathroom, and many more. The kid’s bedroom set provides numerous options for customization to please your little one. Among other pieces, there are miniature wooden toys, toy tables, and bunk beds. Read More Reviews

  • Comes with 4 unique rooms
  • Lots of customization
  • Can buy individual rooms
  • Option between a furnished and unfurnished wooden house

  • Relatively expensive
  • Might seem advanced for younger ones to assemble

Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden Dollhouse

melissa & Doug classic wooden doll house

Specific features: Sturdy wooden construction, ornate window frames, beautiful staircases, hand-painted shingles, Victorian details, interior graphics on rooms, easy to assemble

Best use: For kids over the age of 3 years

Description: Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden Dollhouse features an elegant and realistic Victorian detail as seen in the hand-painted shingles, ornate window frames, and the scroll-cut accents. The interior graphics will impress you even more in each room with its exquisite and aesthetic design.

Looking at the exterior appearance, it features the illustrated brackets, friezes and the latticework to make it more appealing. Rest assured that the dollhouse will last for a long time due to its quality hand-crafted wood. It comes with 6 rooms to fit the furniture sets. Indeed this will bring unbeatable imaginations to your baby. It keeps the baby at work throughout the day, while enhancing hand-eye alignment.

To assemble this house is also an absolute breeze because the instructions are clearly demonstrated. You do not need a technical know-how to excel in assembling this dollhouse. But accessories are sold separately.

Melissa & Doug has an experience of over 20 years manufacturing dollhouses. This is proof enough that the company has invested lots of time and quality in manufacturing this wooden dollhouse. It is characterized by full interior graphics and an exquisite exterior appearance. Read More Reviews


  • Full interior graphics
  • Durable and hand crafted solid wood
  • 6 unique rooms
  • Easy to assemble

  • Accessories sold separately
  • Relatively expensive. One would wish it had included the accessories in the purchase.

Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse

melissa & DoHi-Rise Wooden dollhouse

Specific features: Garage and working elevator, modern colors, features 6 rooms, 15 pieces of furniture, 3 play people, open-sided

Best use: For kids over 3 years of age

Description: Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse is yet another amazing and elegant dollhouse from Melissa & Doug. This one features the working elevator. It is a two-story foldable dollhouse with 15 pieces of furniture and 3 play people for your kid to enjoy.

Let your child develop the motor skills at an early age with this dollhouse. The moving elevator will introduce the baby to the modern high-rise transport modes. The dollhouse colors are gender-neutral, so there is no worry about finding a gender-specific pink color.

The garage and elevator features of this dollhouse are unique to Melissa & Doug so your child will have a dollhouse that unlike any of their friend’s. Read More Reviews

  • Garage included with a car and passenger set
  • The elevator is included
  • Aesthetically beautiful exterior design
  • Modern and gender-neutral colors
  • 6 rooms

  • 15 pieces of furniture could be too little for the baby when taking into account some products with over 60 pieces

Best Choice Products Wooden Dollhouse

best choice wooden doll house

Specific features: comes with 17 mini wooden furniture, three-story wooden dollhouse, eco-friendly MDF, nontoxic paint, fits dolls up to 14 inches tall, a variety of rooms.

Best use: Suitable for kids 3 years and up and can be handled by multiple kids

Description: Best Choice Products Wooden Dollhouse is a large 3-story dollhouse suitable for multiple kids to play together. It was decorated with the eco-friendly MDF and a non-toxic paint. Seventeen mini wooden furniture for kids to play with are included. When buying dolls, they should not exceed 14 inches tall to fit in this dollhouse. Your child is sure to have a blast playing with the handcrafted items that are included in this house for years to come.

This dollhouse offers a plethora of rooms that include the bedroom, living room, balcony, bathroom and a kitchen. That’s enough to give your child an immersive experience of owning his or her mansion in the future. It also features 2 molded plastic staircases for moving between the floors.

Assembling this dollhouse is a cinch because the instructions are clear and straightforward. This is the ideal dollhouse for parents with multiple children or a child with many friends. Read More Reviews

  • Three story dollhouse
  • Large enough for multiple kids to play all at once
  • Accommodate the dolls up to 14 inches tall
  • Two molded plastic staircases
  • A variety of rooms

  • 17 pieces of mini furniture is little, especially for multiple kids to play at once
  • As much as it is large, it can consume more space in your home

Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse

melissa & Doug Princess Castle wooden doll house review

Specific features: Comes with drawbridge and turrets, hinged wooden castle, closes, tough wooden construction, balconies, towers, and has the arched walkway

Description: This is our last item in our collection again from the Melissa & Doug. At a glance, it looks like a palace for your little princess. Of course, as in the name, this dollhouse is a mini castle. The Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse can be a great gift to your little ones.

The arched walkway, turrets, towers, and balconies are some of the components that make this wooden dollhouse (castle) unbeatable. The wooden construction is also sturdy, so it won’t be damaged with ease if you have a child that likes to play a little rough.

This castle is designed to be folded so that I can easily fit into compact storage spaces.This is the most affordable and portable dollhouse on our list but you should not think that the low equates to low quality. There is some real value here, Read More Reviews

  • An aesthetically beautiful palace-like dollhouse
  • Affordable
  • Features a variety of components such as the removable turrets, arched walkway, towers and balconies
  • A compact design

  • It does not contain many rooms
  • It is not gender neutral


Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse

With carefully considering all of the features, price, design, and accessories of each wooden doll house, we have come to the conclusion that the Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse is our favorite. It comes with the garage and the working elevator. How many dollhouses actually feature that? The 15 pieces of furniture in this dollhouse can be disappointing, but you do not necessarily need 100 of pieces that could confuse your baby either.

We have to agree that coming to this specific verdict wasn’t easy because all these products are impressive. But, obviously, at the end there is always a winner.

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