Bewell Watches Review

A couple of decades ago, you may not even know what a wooden watch was . Now they are more popular than ever. They have a classy look at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for traditional watches. With dozens of brands to choose from we have decided to make your decision a little easier by just focusing on Bewell wood watches. Bewell is a brand that specializes in wood watches for both men and females with many different styles to choose from. Read the full Bewell watches review below.

Bewell GBlife W109A Men Wooden Quartz Watch Review

Bewell GBlife W109A Men Wooden Quartz

The GBlife W109A wooden watch is a new breed of watch that is a little out of the ordinary – that you may not easily come across in your local watch store. This watch is not only affordable, but the natural wood color makes every watch a little different from the other.

The design is so simple it is infinitely attractive. If you are more inclined to the stylish look of watches, you will like the finish and shape of the band and the wood case. Made out of natural wood and only weighing about 0.086 kg, the GBlife W109A is surprisingly lightweight. This makes it comfortable to wear and is great for men that live an active lifestyle.

Another great feature of this watch is that it keeps time really well. Some users have noted that it is very accurate and only gains a few seconds over a month, which is not to be expected from a watch at this price point. Watch enthusiasts will appreciate the accuracy and longevity of this watch

Like other wooden watches, you cannot dip the GBlife W109A in water or get it wet. Doing this might cause serious damage the watch or lead to a shortage of its lifespan. Also, some users have complained about having difficulties adjusting the band to fit their wrist perfectly. At this price point, most people are happy anyway as the price-to-performance ratio for this watch is very high. Read More Reviews

  • Great Price,
  • accurate time for months
  • light weight

  •  Basic color
  • Inconsistent online availability

Bewell GBlife W023A Men Wooden Bangle Quartz Watch Review

bewell GBlife W023A Men Wooden Bangle Quartz

The GBlife W023A Bangle Watch is made from 100% natural African wood material, so you can experience the beauty of nature on your wrist. It is free from paints or any other chemicals that not only exude bad odor but may also have health implications.

The GBlife W023A features a folding clasp which safely holds the watch on your wrist and creates a tight fit that prevents the watch from falling off your hand. You don’t need to use a flashlight on your watch to use it at night. The luminous pointers helps you keep track of time while working in a dark area or instantly tell you what time it is when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night.

The GBlife W023A is cheaper than the GBlife W109A and is water resistance. While the GBlife W109A is well received among users, most people have turned it down because it lacks this feature. So, if you are afraid your watch will get in contact with water during your daily activities, we recommend this for you.  The Ebony maple wood case that it comes in also makes a great gift for your loved one.

In addition, while the W023A is well represented on all fronts, there are a handful of complaints about removing the links. Most users have resorted to using the help of their local jeweler to remove links as the tools it came with sometimes had a hard time remove links. However, at this price point, it is still okay to undergo a visit to the jeweler to resize the watch to fit your wrist snugly. Read More Reviews

  • Water resistant
  • Unique engravings
  • Addordable

  •  Issues removing the links

Bewell GBlife 080A Quartz Men Wooden Watch

bewell GBlife 080A Quartz Men Wooden Watch with Date Luminous Wood Wrist Watch

This is another High Quality watch Men’s wooden watch from Bewell,  The main features of their watch are uniqueness, durability, and high quality materials.

Just like other watches from Bewell, the GBlife 080A Quartz Men Wooden Watch is made from an adjustable wood band that fits your wrist with minimal effort. The analog display not only gives you accurate time, but it has a very classic look.

With the butterfly clasp, you can easily adjust the length of the band so that it fits your wrist tightly. The package also contains an English booklet instruction, in addition to the usual removal tool.

The wooden face has a round dial that is smooth and is crafted from high quality materials. The GBlife 080A’s battery is consistent in its longevity and is capable of lasting over 30 months, thus eliminating the need to buy batteries for quite some time.

Just like the Bewell GBlife W023A Men Wooden Bangle Quartz Watch, it comes with luminous pointers that help you read the time in the dark. It displays a magnified date at the 3 o’clock position and is water resistant in up to 30 meters of water. Water resistance is becoming a new standard for an accessory that you carry every day, so this is a nice addition.

This watch has a simple design for people that are looking for something a little more low key. For the price that you can get a watch like this, you are really getting a bargain. Read More Reviews

  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Luminous pointers
  • Simple design

  •  Inconsistent online availability

Bewell ZS-100B Couple Wooden Quartz Watch Review

Bewell ZS-100B Couple Quartz Watch

The Bewell ZS-100B Couple Wooden Quartz is crafted in a sleek design that is not present in the previous models we have discussed. The overall design of this watch incorporates some elements from a diver’s watch. A quick glance at the bezel on this watch reveals a metallic design often found on divers watch ring.

To make it even more appealing, the manufacturers place the bezel on another metallic ring that circles the dial with additional markings as well. The calendar is also a nice touch in the 3 o’clock position. The Bewell ZS-100B radiates a distinguished look with its red sandalwood and maple construction, which further indicate the fact that lots of creativity and craftsmanship have gone into the creation of this watch.

For those enthusiasts who want a different look and feel, the Bewell ZS-100B Couple Wooden Quartz Watch might be a great fit.Resizing the bands seems to be a little challenging and may require the experience of a good jeweler (most jewelers charge less than $10 to adjust watch bands).

This watch is sold as a pair with both a male and female version. The male version has a slightly larger face thicker band when compared to the female version. If you are looking for a unique and affordable gift for your parents this might just fit the mold. Read More Reviews

  • His and hers watches
  • Beautiful color combination
  • Made from sandalwood

  •  Only sold as a pair

Bewell GBlife W129A Men’s Wooden Watch Review

bewell GBlife W129A Men's Wooden Watch

The GBlife W129A Men’s Watch features an all-wooden material design that feels smooth and nice on the wrist. The watch has a mini window date at the 3 o’clock position that looks a little different the other watches that we have reviewed on this list. It also comes with a luminous pointer which displays the time clearly in areas with poor lighting.

Putting on and off the wrist is convenient with the folding clasp and the pressure buckle prevents the watch from glide off your wrist. Unlike other models, this wooden watch comes in a watch box, perfect for keeping it dry and clean. With the watch box, you can also deliver it to your loved ones as a nice little gift to show your appreciation for their care and loyalty in your life.

The advantage this model has over the others is that it comes many different colors of wood. The six color variants available are yellow, ebony + maple, maple, maple + red, and red sandalwood. Our personal favorite is the ebony + maple, because of its elegant blend of light and dark shades of wood.

The W129A should be kept from the sunlight as much as possible. If not, it will turn a dark green, which might take a few days to restore. Moreover, the GBlife W129A is a bit bulky. If you are looking for something lightweight, you may want to look at the GBlife W109A Men Wooden since it is a bit lighter than this one. Read More Reviews

  • Unique bezel
  • Many color options available
  • Large watch face

  •  Color options may vary from time to time


As you can see Bewell watches has done a great job of crafting high quality wood and we highly recommend their watches for consumer that are on a budget. Watch styles are highly subjective but of all the Bewell wood watches that we reviewed our favorite is the GBlife W023A Wooden Bangle Quartz. The wooden Bangle Quartz has sleek dark design with nice touch of engravings that really caught our eye. Click here learn more about the Bangle Quartz

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