The Best Wooden Beard Combs

If you have a large beard then you know how challenging it can be find the proper tools to maintain it. there are brushes, shampoos, oils, conditioners, blams and of course wooden combs. Wooden beard combs are specifically designed to smoothly run through every type of beard but of course, every comb is different. Some combs have teeth on both ends while other have a more traditional comb design. This guide is designed to help make your wood comb purchase a little bit easier.

Mr Rugged Wooden Beard Comb

Looking for a quality comb to keep your bearish look fresh and clean throughout the day? Mr Rugged Wooden Beard Comb is your product. Handmade from Pear Wood and gentler to the hair than metal brushes, Mr Rugged Wooden Beard Comb is one of the best in town. This wooden comb helps in distributing beard oil and beard balms which promotes thick beard growth and easily removes any frizz. As it glides through your facial hair, it reduces the itches,  kinks, and the occasional irritation that bounds off most black plastic combs. It doesn’t retard stubble growth but instead gives you a neat appearance as well as mitigate skin discomfort that arises as your bear grows.

Because it is made from wood, this Beard Comb from Mr Rugged is gentler than metal brush and milder than plastic beard brush. It doesn’t snag proper beard development either doesn’t inflict static damage. It only helps in improving the overall skin and beard health while leaving your beard silky and soft.

This wooden beard comb is 5 1/2 inches long, 2 inches wide and the teeth are about 1 1/8 inches long, which means it won’t get caught in tangles when you comb. It is not too big or too small and can be a pleasant gift to a bearded man in your family or among your friends. It is most suitable for the coarse/thick beard and the teeth don’t bend like the conventional plastic combs. So if you have a thick mane or get tangles around your neck area, this wooden beard comb can be a great buy for you.  As the name suggests, this comb is not suitable for shorter or less dense beards. And it may not be a great option for combing the mustache because the teeth are widely spaced. A closely spaced teeth brand will be more suitable for the mustache. Lastly, it is made in China, but the quality does not suffer in the least. Read More Reviews

  • Durable
  • Ideal for long beards
  • Traditional comb look
  • Works on heard hair

  •  Not ideal for combing mustaches
  • Only one teeth width
  • No leather case

Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb Review

striking viking wood beard comb reviews

The Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb is a rugged, portable and well-made comb for men. It is made from 100% sandalwood and crafted for those men looking for an even more lustrous, attractive appearance. It doesn’t produce static electricity like your regular plastic combs and the wood bristles don’t cause damage or breakage to the hair.

It is easier on the scalp than metal and plastic and distributes the naturally-occurring oil from skin to hair in order to prevent the hair from drying out. It comes with different bristle sizes to suit all hair styles. If you are on the look for a lightweight, yet rugged masterpiece to straighten your curly mane, this is it. It is molded in a compact, pocket size design at about 4 inches x 2.5 inches x .25 inches so that it is easy to use on the go and durable enough to withstand daily use. Not only does it feel nice and easy running through head hair, but also suitable for both moustache and beards, which is a step ahead the Mr Rugged Wooden Beard Comb. The total package includes a synthetic travel case for extra layer of protection for the comb. The comb exudes a light fragrance that can only emanate from a sandalwood crafted piece. T

The Striking Vikings Beard Comb helps nourish your beard by properly distributing of your beard oil, which also helps to prevent light flaking. This Wooden Beard is built in a way that it cleans with a wipe from dry cloth or if you have the time, you can do the cleaning with soap and water. Most importantly, the product is backed by a collection of raving customers and positive recommendations. With the help of this beard comb, you have the power to showcase your beard in the way that it deserves. Read More Reviews

  • Double sided
  • Durable
  • Compact

  • Basic case

Hunter Jack Wooden Beard Comb Kit for Men Review

Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men Review

The Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men is another durable, well-built beard comb. It is made from 100% natural sandalwood with an amazing natural wood scent. Many consumers have been won over by the fine finish and smoothness of this beard comb.  It also comes with a convenient real pu leather pouch and can easily go into your breast or back pocket.

This comb is comfortable to hold in your hand, making it easy to manage your beard throughout the day. The tines are well cut with a smooth and uniform demeanor. They are pointed out enough to completely get through your facial hair and rounded and smooth enough to do it without inflicting any damage on your skin. With two different size teeth on opposite sides of the comb it is a great choice for all beard lengths.

Like many other combs on this list, the Hunter Jack wood beard comb does not produce static electricity and it evenly distributes the oil from your skin to your hair. For the price that this comb goes for, it is a true bargain and if you are not satisfied it is backed by a lifetime warranty. Read More Reviews


hunter jack beard oilFor those that are also looking for a high quality and affordable beard oil, Hunter Jack also makes a great natural oil. The Hunter Jack all natural beard oil is a certified organic and fragrance-free oil that is designed to promote beard health, growth, and care. Apply a few drops of this oil onto your dry beard and evenly to spread the oil with the comb to ensure that all areas are covered. Click here to learn more about the Hunter Jack organic beard oil



  • Great Value
  • Branded Leather pouch
  • Double sided
  • Great wood scent
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Very few complaints about quality

Gentlemen’s Tools Beard & Hair Comb for Men

Gentlemen’s Tools Beard & Hair Comb for Men review

Gentlemen’s Tools Beard & Hair Comb for Men also radiates a fragrance of freshly smoked sandalwood that gives your beard a wonderful scent. Like other combs on this list, the teeth are smooth with rounded tips to prevent any damage to the structure of the skin and reduce hair plucking.

Gentlemen’s Tools Beard & Hair Comb for Men 1The leather case is what helps to separate this wood beard comb from the rest. It is made from genuine leather and lasts longer than the generic synthetic wallets. The wallet/carrying case has slots on both for dollars bills and few cards of your choice. Not only is this practical for carrying money but it ensures that you will always have your wallet wherever you go.  The nice packaging box that it comes in makes it easy to present this comb as a gift.

Unlike many other combs on the market, this one is perfect for head hair, beards, and mustache. Many owners of this comb have also reported that his comb works well with detangling and hair styling. The Gentlemen’s Tools comb may carry a higher price tag than the other wooden combs on this list but you are essentially getting 2 products. A high-quality comb and a practical wallet. Read More Reviews

  • Double sided
  • Wallet carrying case
  • Unique box for gifting
  • Fun brand

  • Pricer than other wood beard combs

Huntsman Beard Dual Action Wooden Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve

Huntsman Beard Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve Review

The Huntsman Beard Dual Action Beard Comb has dual action teeth to give you maximum grooming and precision regardless of your beard type. With this comb, you experience no snags or pulls or static and the solid build ensure it is able to stand daily wear and tear. Although it has a good weight to it, it still maintains a proper balance in your palm.The comb is big enough that you don’t spend too much time combing your beard and small enough that it fits in the coin pocket of your Levis.

Huntsman Beard Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve 1Unfortunately the sleeve that comes with this comb is not real leather and leaves much to be desired. Many other combs on this list come with a custom branded leather sleeve, so this a true downfall.

This Dual Action Beard Comb smells nice and has minimal branding. It has nice curves to it that makes it easy to maneuver your stubble with ease. Unfortunately, despite this combs massive amounts of positive reviews, we did come across quite a few complaints. Owners have complained that the fine teeth of the comb were warped or not even. There were also several complaints that it is extremely difficult to remove the comb from its case, which is not a very good sign and we urge the manufacturer to look into this. Read More Reviews

  • Beautiful color
  • Minimal branding
  • Gifting case

  • Some complaints regarding uneven teeth
  • Tight leather case


After carefully reviewing through the best wooden beard combs available today, we came to the conclusion that our favorite is the Gentlemen’s Tools Beard & Hair Comb. The high quality design of this comb and the unique wallet sleeve really gives you the best bang for your buck.

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