5 Best Wooden Swing Sets (Play Sets)

For some children, it is a dream to have a swing set in their own backyard. This wooden swing set makes birthday parties and playdates with friends a blast, creating memories for years to come. They also promote an active lifestyle among your children and strengthens their motor skills.

The wooden swings sets come with different features that are pleasing to the children. The common features include wavy slides, swings, gliders, windows, etc. With this in mind, parents have to be selective when making purchases.

Among other features, safety is of foremost importance. Scores of children are being admitted to hospitals due to injuries related to the poor quality of swing sets. It is therefore important to prioritize safety above all other features.

To help you avoid buying products of inferior quality, we have assessed the 5 best wooden swing sets. For each review, we have highlighted the trade-offs for each product; and at the end I have given my verdict. While you read through these reviews take note of the recommended age and the maximum weight that each set can withstand.


Backyard Discovery Atlantis All Cedar WoodDiscovery Atlantis Wood Swingset Review

Specific Features: Comes complete with a play fort, an 8 ft slide, two standard belt swings, two-person swing set glider, made of high-quality cedar outdoor sandbox, kids clubhouse, sun porch and bay windows

Best Use: For children to play in your backyard

Review: The Backyard Discovery Atlantis All Cedar Wood is an exciting product for your backyard. Children will enjoy numerous features equipped in this swing set for years to come.

The wood roof of the upper fort/ clubhouse is strategically designed to protect your young ones from the harmful ultraviolet rays or the precipitation. Getting to the upper clubhouse is easy but also an adventure with the rock climbing wall. This wall enhances foot-eye coordination of the young one and helps with the physical activity as well.

With the 8-foot playground, slide kids can enjoy a smooth ride to the ground or climb down the same rock wall that they used to get up. The two standard belt swing set and a two-person swing set glider makes are the true highlights of this set. While multiple children can be playing in the upper fort, up to 4 children can be enjoying the exhilarating swing set. The swing set is sturdy enough to handle children of all ages.  

The snack window located underneath the fort encourages kids to play an imaginative restaurant game with their friends. When it comes time to take a break from playing there is a built-in bench where they can relax.

The metal grab handles heighten safety so that children do not slip and get injured. No matter how often it rains, the 100% cedar is well-crafted to resist any damage. The metal components are also treated to protect them from the elements. Read More Reviews

  • Quality rock climbing wall
  • Safe and sturdy 8-foot slider
  • Wooden roof to protect children against the UV and rain
  • Swings to let kids have fun
  • High-quality cedar wood ensures durability of this set
  • Assembling is easy and secure with the patented Safe-T-Fuse hardware

  • Not weatherproof, so kids have to vacate during storms
  • Not for commercial use

Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Playset


Specific Features: Exceeds ASTM safety standards, features a telescope, ring/trapeze combo, 2 swings, picnic table with awning, rock climbing wall

Best Use: Playground for kids aged between 3 and 10 years

Review: The Jamboree swing set by Swing-N-Slide is another wooden swing set that your kids are sure to love. When designing this set, Swing-N-Slide has put an extra emphasis on safety. All of the parts meet and/or exceeds ASTM safety standards and the assembly instructions are straightforward.

The Jamboree Fort Play Set boasts unparalleled loads of fun. With the mini telescope, though not magnifiable, kids can enjoy hovering it around while viewing the landscape. To get to the top, there is a multi stepped  rock climbing wall. Coming down is done via the yellow wavy slide. If this slide breaks or cracks, it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

If it rains, the playset has the wooden roof to protect children, but you may advise them to leave the playset if the rain becomes too heavy. The high-quality cedar construction extends the durability of the product.

In total, the set can accommodate up to 10 children. It’s important to monitor this number because an overload play set can be broken eventually. The slide can support a maximum of 250 pounds at a time ( For the parents would also like to enjoy this set!), while the swings support up to 115 pounds. Read More Reviews

  • Ease of assembling with instructions provided
  • Feature-rich play to provide kids with fun
  • Picnic table and a non-magnifying table
  • Exceeds the ASTM safety standards
  • Lifetime warranty on the wavy slide
  • Ease of access to the top using the ladder and the rock climbing wall

  • Not for commercial use
  • Small upper fort/ clubhouse

Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

backyard discovery prairie wooden swing setSpecific Features: Playground glider for 2 kids, sun-shaded canopy with a slide, heavy duty swing set, integrated bench, sandbox to hold up to 350 pounds of sand, 8-foot slide, larger upper play deck

Best Use: A swing set for the young children over 3 years.

Review: The Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge Wooden Swing Set  is a slight step above the other two sets that we have reviewed so far.

Like the other sets on the list, this one includes a covered canopy to block the sun on hot days, an 8-foot slide, snack window and  3 swings. What really caught our attention about this set was the monkey bars and sandbox. Monkey bars help your kids build up their upper body strength and courage. Once you have filled the sandbox your kids can spend hours sculpting castles and working on their creativity.

Regarding safety, the Prairie Ridge is made of 100% cedar that features the tight knot structures. Cedar is naturally rot and natural decay resistant. The lumber has been pre-cut and stained so that kids run on a smooth component. Only a minor pilot-hole drilling may be needed. The patented Safe-T-Fuse hardware makes assembling a cinch. Read More Reviews

  • High-quality cedar construction
  • Easy and secure assembly
  • Sun shaded canopy to protect against the damaging UV
  • Rot and natural decay resistant lumber
  • Monkey Bar attachment

  • The wood can have some cracks if the maximum weight has been exceeded.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing SetSpecific Features: Sandbox and monkey bars, clubhouse and lower play deck, 2 belt swings, swing glider, wood roof, windows, front porch with sun balcony, crow’s nest

Best Use: For kids over 3 years of age

Review: The Skyfort 2 is a wooden swing set that is another step above the other three that we have already reviewed. The skyforce 2  has a very spacious upper fort that allows for your child to really make this set feel like their own. Skyforce’s upper deck is so big that multiple children can play and maneuver around while still remaining under the shade. The elevated crows nest lets your child see far and wide with the assistance of a non-magnified telescope. Underneath the fort we have another picnic table for resting and a large sandbox for creative playing (sand not included).

The swingset can handle 2 children on the individual swings and two others on the glider. The whole playset is designed to handle up to 9 children at once.

Unlike other 8-foot slides, this play set features the longest one – the 10-feet wavy slide that comes with a lifetime warranty. The fun and more challenging rock climbing wall is also a nice addition.

Backyard Discovery guarantees quality with the all-cedar construction. You should keep in mind that the stain on the wood is only for color and it is recommended that you apply a water or oil based sealant at least once a year. With the patented Safe-T-Fuse hardware, assembling is simple. All of the lumber is cut and stamped with part numbers to assist with the assembly process. We recommend 2-3 people working together to assemble this set correctly. Read More Reviews

  • Large upper deck
  • Elevated tunnel
  • Covered side porch with 5-foot high sun deck
  • Railings-surrounded lower wooden play deck

  • Price is slightly higher than its value
  • Not for commercial use

Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

backyard discovery woodridge 2 wooden swing set review

Specific Features: 2 belt swings, trapeze swing, slide and sandbox, crow’s nest, lower play deck, porch and backyard kids’ fort

Best Use: For multiple kids to have fun

Review: Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set redefines sophistication as seen in the features. It is one of the most expensive sets that we have reviewed but is definitely worth the investment. The play set comes complete with a trapeze swing, lower play deck, crow’s nest, 2 belt swings, wood roof and many more. What truly stands out about this wooden swing set is the enormous upper fort. The upper fort can be accessed from the ground via standard ladder or up and rock wall and through the elevated tunnel. This is one of the only wooden swing sets that include an elevated tunnel. Once in the upper fort, there is a partially covered wrap around porch that makes for a great to place plants and flowers. Inside the covered fort is spacious enough for a small table with chairs or for multiple children to play on the floor. This is the ultimate clubhouse with enough room for your child to make it feel like home.

The lower deck is similar to the others on this list. Half of the deck is flat so you can use chairs for resting and the other half is cut out for installing a sand pit. All discovery swing sets are made from 100% cedar wood and are treated with a chemical-free stain that is safe for both children and animals.  2-3 man team can put together in 10-20 hours. Read More Reviews

  • Large upper deck
  • Elevated tunnel
  • Covered side porch with 5-foot high sun deck
  • Railings-surrounded lower wooden play deck

  • Higher priced
  • Not for commercial use
  • Only 2 children can sit and swing


Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

After carefully reviewing the features, safety and price of each of these wooden swing sets we came to the conclusion that the Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set is easily our favorite. The Woodridge II includes many of the same features as the swing sets that we reviewed but the large upper deck takes the cake. If this type of swing set is within your price range we highly recommend it.

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